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The Rescue & Welfare Trust Fund of the Bull Terrier Club of America & the Texas Gulf Coast Bull Terrier Rescue ( 501 (c) (3) organizations)

the rescue and welfare trust fund BTCASilverwood 2019 will also be the location of the major fundraiser for The Rescue & Welfare Trust Fund of the Bull Terrier Club of America which is held each year during this same weekend. (See "All About the BTCA Silent Auction")

The health, well-being and living conditions of the Bull Terrier breed are inherently of concern to the Bull Terrier Club of America (BTCA), its members and all who share in the goals and objective of the BTCA. Out of this concern, The Rescue & Welfare Trust of the Bull Terrier Club of America was organized by the BTCA and it supports the recue and rehabilitation of over 400 pure-bred Bull Terriers each year.

The Rescue & Welfare Trust Fund supports the rescue efforts of eleven Regional Bull Terrier Clubs and an army of individual volunteers who transport, foster, and care for the needs of abandoned and abused Bull Terriers all over the United States.

The mission of the Rescue & Welfare Trust Fund is as follows:

1. Coordinate with local rescue associations' efforts to locate, obtain, house, evaluate and re-home any abused or abandoned Bull Terriers in need of new homes.

2. Contribute to the financial support of homeless, abused or abandoned Bull Terriers, including medical care, dental care, temperament and health evaluations, grooming, food, and shelter requirements.

3. Promote educational opportunities regarding the breeding, care and keeping of Bull Terriers for the members of the BTCA and general public.

4. Encourage and support health research projects conducted by reputable scientific researchers and their supporting institutions.

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The Texas Gulf Coast Bull Terrier Rescue (TGCBTR) organized by the Texas Gulf Coast Bull Terrier Club will also be represented at Silverwood 2019. The TGCBTR is the only BTCA recognized Bull Terrier Rescue for the southern half of Texas. The Purpose of the TGCBTR is to prevent cruelty to Bull Terriers and increase the awareness regarding the growing epidemic of homeless or unwanted Bull Terriers and the prevention thereof. Our mission statement is as follows:

"We provide medical care, food, shelter, and comfort to unwanted Bull Terriers and locate permanent homes for them. Our efforts are conducted entirely by volunteers with no salaries paid. We depend on generous contributions in order to continue day to day operations. 100% of donated funds go toward veterinary needs and routine care of the Bull Terriers in our rescue. Each year we have upwards of 50 Bull Terriers come through our rescue program. Adoption fees only cover a portion of our expenses. Most of the dogs we take in are malnourished, ill, injured or have been abused, so you can imagine that our veterinary expenses are quite high. We believe that if an animal has the courage to survive the abuse it has been dealt, it deserves medical treatment and a loving home for its remaining years. "

The TGCBTR is a nonprofit corporation in the State of Texas (File Number 80138736) and has received federal tax exemption as a 501 (c) (3) public charity. The full amount of your contribution to support our fundraising efforts for Bull Terrier Rescue will therefore be deductible for federal tax income purposes.

A few of our success stories:

tgcbtc resuce success stories

All about the BTCA Silent Auction

What is a Silent Auction?
An auction is like a sale- you will have a chance to buy items that have been donated by people who love Bull Terriers. You have a chance of buying these items by making a bid, that is, you offer an amount of money that you would be willing to pay. Another person may come by and want the same items so he/she may offer more money, making a higher bid. At the end of the auction the person with the highest bid goes home with the item.

Who gets all the money?
100% of the proceeds go to help The Rescue Trust Fund of the BTCA to help Bull Terriers in need. The silent auction is the largest annual fundraiser for the BTCA Rescue.

How does the auction work?
The auction room will be open on Friday, October 18 th at 8:00AM. You will need to come to the room in order to participate. Auction items will be on display on the tables and walls about the room. You will be given a number by one of the committee people when you sign in. This keeps the bidding anonymous. You will use that number when you place your bid on the items that you are interested in. There will be a bid sheet next to each item. When you see an item you want, write your number down on the bid sheet and how much money you are bidding. If someone else has already made a bid, you may add your number to the list and make a HIGHER bid. Come back often to check the bid sheets and increase your bid as needed for the items you want.

Silent Auction Location: Galleon Room 8 & 9

Bidding Hours:
Bidding for the silent auction opens Friday, October 18 th at 8:00AM and closes Saturday, October 19 th at 11:00 PM after which no further bids can be made. During active bidding hours there may be times that the room will be closed for short periods. These times will be posted on the door.

Item Donations:

If you have any items you wish to donate, please bring them to the auction room on Thursday, October 17 th or early Friday October 18 th .

Collecting Your Items:
The auction room will reopen Sunday at 8:00AM and you will need to return to see if you were the highest bidder. The highest bidder must pay in either cash or by check or credit card to collect their items. Please do not go home before you have paid for and collected your items.

You do not need to be a member of the BTCA in order to participate. Your dog does not need to be entered in any activity in order to participate. EVERYONE IS WELCOME!


The Texas Gulf Coast Bull Terrier Rescue will also be holding their fundraiser during the Silverwood 2019 weekend. Please look for their booth to support their efforts to help more dogs like Homer, Patton, Lottie & Lily... Bull Terriers who really needed our help!